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Digital Bullet 2 - NBN Benefits?

There has been so much talk about the National Broadband Network and it has also become quite politicised. Assuming that the NBN gets built more or less as intended by the current government, what is an area of services that, as a result, might develop more quickly here than overseas? What is one particular area that you think the NBN will bring tangible benefits to Australians and why? Can you give some specific examples?

Thanks to FeverPitch Entertainment for their contribution in this series.

Digital Bullet 1 - Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding

Crowdsourcing seems to be an area of innovation and creativity at the moment. The Australian and now international business, 99 Designs, is often held out as a great example. Others like and elance are well known. Crowdfunding is becoming prominent with Australia’s Pozible becoming more popular and sites like and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for creative and other projects. Earlier this year the US Congress passed the Crowdfunding bill to make it possible to sell shares in companies under controlled circumstances. Here in Australia, we’ve recently seen the launch of AppVillage, a business which is based on crowdsourcing ideas, project management, design and software development to create apps.

We ask our Digital Bullet guests, what are some of the interesting developments they’ve seen in the crowdsourcing space. Where do they think crowdsourcing will head in the future? Would it make a positive difference to innovation if companies here in Australia could raise investment, not just loans, using crowdfunding?

   Thanks to FeverPitch Entertainment for their contribution in this series.

Digital Bullets 2010 #16: Social media - Should brands be hyperventilating if they haven’t got a strategy?

Everyone these days seems to be a social media expert. Is social media genuinely a development that has fundamentally changed the way brands must engage with consumers, or is it just a minor nuance in the digital story?  What do you see as being the big developments in social media in the next year or two?  Should brands really be hyperventilating if they haven’t got a social media strategy or is that a lot of hype from so-called experts with a vested interest in selling brands their services?

Digital Bullets 2010 #14: Cloud Computing - what are the major developments and implications?

We’re told that very soon we’ll be living in a world where everything we do in computing, including data and applications on our mobile phone, will come down from the cloud when we turn on and go up to the cloud when we switch off. Google apps are just the beginning. Not only that, but that any single user can in theory draw on massive storage capacity or processing capacity available in the cloud. What do you think the major developments and implications will be arising from cloud computing?

Digital Bullets 2010 #12: Who or what will change the dominance of Google?

Without over-simplifying - the world of search, at least text-based search in the Western World, seems to be dominated by Google, with Yahoo and Bing respectively trailing well behind. Do you see any major developments that will change this pecking order in the next few years? Could developments outside text search, say in mobile search, in voice activated search, or in search for video content, have enough influence to change the dominance of Google?