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LaVolta Offerings

Lavolta has six standard offerings or forms of engagement for the recruitment of permanent roles – including the two common variations of the ‘success fee’ model. Each of these offerings are designed to meet the needs of our clients in different circumstances, and they include:

Retained Search
We offer comprehensive search, assessment and selection services which are billed at an agreed rate, usually calculated with reference to the remuneration package for the role. Terms proposed by LaVolta on a case by case basis, depending on client requirements.  Usually includes a twelve month replacement guarantee, with a minor proportion of the fee contingent upon success. Most appropriate for senior executive placements which require an international search.

“Con-tainer” model
So called because it is a cross between the contingency and retainer models. We undertake search and selection services for your role on a success fee basis (ie. without upfront payment). The full agreed fee is paid by you if we supply the successful candidate. A partial fee (around half) is paid to LaVolta in any other circumstance (ie. if you decide not to proceed, substantially change the project, or source a candidate from your own network or any other source). Appropriate for senior placements that require a genuine Australian or international search.

Success Fee [Exclusive]

We supply you with pre-qualified candidates from our data base (and/or interviewed and assessed candidates who respond to an advertisement for your role). We discount our standard success fee significantly in return if you place the role with us exclusively. We help you develop a position description (if required) and we devote our energies to the project in a way that is commensurate with the trust you’ve placed in us by agreeing to exclusivity.  A three month replacement guarantee applies to all candidates. Most appropriate for mid level to senior placements.

Success Fee [Non-exclusive]
The same terms as above except that we are not engaged exclusively on the role – you retain the right to accept candidates from other sources and from your own network.  Our fee for non-exclusive success fee recruitment is slightly higher than for exclusive (because our opportunity to make the placement is decreased accordingly). Most appropriate for recruitment of mid level roles.

We work closely with you on all your ‘digital’ recruitment needs. You agree that LaVolta has exclusivity on any ‘digital role’ which you need recruited during the term of the arrangement (usually at least twelve months) and in return we reduce our success fees significantly.  We provide you with an account manager who spends time with your business and we also provide a range of other services(eg. writing position descriptions, doing exit interviews). Both sides get the benefit of a close working relationship. You get the benefit of access to our database, plus our replacement guarantee. This works on a volume recruitment basis.
Selection Services
If you just need someone who knows the sector intimately to come in, help you write a position description, advertise your role jointly or just under your brand, evaluate and rate all the candidates, interview the best ones, and present you with a short list of three or four for you to take to second interview – then we can provide you with people to do just that on a fee-for-service basis. We can work from your office, be your ‘arms and legs’, provide you with all the documentation you need, and take the hassle out of recruitment. You select the successful candidate from a pre-qualified shortlist.  We quote a fixed fee for this service, depending on how complex (or simple) you want the process to be. You accept responsibility for the appointment you make and a replacement guarantee does not apply.